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Just Ask! The Simple Truth of Working With Our Spirit Guides

by | Jul 9, 2020 | Mediumship | 12 comments

My quest began when I first started exploring my mediumistic abilities. Prior to my 40’s I had never even heard of a spirit guide, but with the new information these amazing beings existed, I suddenly had an unexplainable urge to know the exact identity of MY spirit guide.

Funny how significant moments that happened years ago are so strongly stationed at the forefront of my memory; yet, most days I can’t even remember the purpose behind venturing into my kitchen. The scenario I’m about to share, however, was one of those life-changing moments that seems like just yesterday. I was sitting in a counseling session with my intuitive life coach, talking about how some people seem to get these incredible downloads of information that are so healing to themselves and others; sometimes even the ingredients for what some might call a masterpiece.

“Why don’t I ever get inspiration like that?” I demanded with a bit of an “it’s not fair” attitude.

Have you asked?” my coach inquired. I’m sure she was already aware of the answer; after all, she is an intuitive.

“Asked who?” I questioned.

“Asked your guides,” she responded, as if I should already know. “Why don’t you ask your guides for the inspiration to develop something that can help others.”

“As if it’s that simple,” I sneered (to myself, of course). “Oh, okay. I’ll give that a try,” were the actual words that came out of my mouth, but my verbal reply came with fake enthusiasm. I was really thinking “Sure, I’ll try it, but I highly doubt I’m going to come up with anything creative to help others.” Self doubt was, and sometimes still is, a beast I struggle with.

At that point, I had been working on my relationship with my guides for some time. While I didn’t know the identity of each and every one of them, their collective existence was known to me.

Wait. Let’s back up. Maybe I should stop here and offer my definition of spirit guides, as it’s not exactly a concept everyone talks about .

Spirit guides are those “in spirit” who made a commitment to your soul, before you decided to come into this physical life, to assist you throughout this carnation. They could have been connected with you in a past life ( or many past lives) or they may just have an understanding of the experiences that will be presented to you in this life. Either way, they are committed to guiding you through it. 

Many people ask if spirit guides and guardian angels are the same thing.  They are not.  Guides and angels are at different frequencies ( or vibrations ).  Additionally, most guides have actually lived physical lives; while most angels have never incarnated ( there are a few exceptions ), so they don’t have the experience of a physical life. The good news is, you are blessed to have both on your team.

Okay, back to it….

 I use the phrase “working on my relationship with my guides” because I don’t want anyone to get the wrong idea and assume getting to know my guides was an easy undertaking. Sure, it should have been easy, but our human minds often make things much more complicated than necessary, as mine certainly did.

My quest began when I first started exploring my mediumistic abilities. Prior to my 40’s I had never even heard of a spirit guide, but with the new information these amazing beings existed, I suddenly had an unexplainable urge to know the exact identity of my spirit guide. At the time, I was under the false impression we were limited to just one, and I would do anything to know exactly who that ONE was. I sat in “circle” (a term used by psychics and mediums to define a group of individuals gathering regularly to work together in development of their abilities) for nearly two years. The “circle” I was in was more of a triangle as we only had three participants, but it worked just the same. We would come together weekly at the same time and place, and each week we would do at least one exercise or meditation that involved connecting with our guides. The other two participants in the circle already had relationships with their guides; they even knew them by name. Week after week, I would try so hard to see my guide, and the harder I tried, the less confident I was it would ever happen. After nearly two years of total frustration, I attended a Shamanic Journey. I can’t recall what enticed me to go. I didn’t even know what a Shamanic Journey – or even a Shaman – was at the time, but I was drawn to it when I saw it on Facebook and decided to give it a go.

Thank God for that little gift called Intuition that drew me to that Facebook post. The Journey was led by a Shaman named Ben Sullivan, who I have since come to know as a friend and have great respect for his work. (You can learn more about him and his work at He explained what the purpose of the journey would be and what our role was, and then with an intention-setting prayer and the constant, hypnotic beat of his drum, I was able to surrender to my need for control and venture to a far-off place in my soul where I met, for the first time (that I can remember), the guide I now refer to as Great Wolf. Since that first meeting, I have become very accustomed to his energy and presence around me. While I don’t always “see” him, I’ve learned just the “knowing” of his companionship is equally important. He is with me constantly, as are all my guides. That’s right, there are more of them. As a matter of fact, I’m not really sure our guides work as individuals, but more as a collective. Our human minds want to give them individual identities – a gender, physical characteristics, personalities and names. And because I am human, I’ve comforted myself by giving “him”, and the others in the collective, their own identities. While it’s MY need, I do believe these guides want to make our relationship-building as easy as possible, so they offer no resistance to the creation of these identities and may even present qualities from one of their past incarnations so we can be comfortable.

After my first meeting with Great Wolf, I became keenly aware I had been blind to the fact he had always been with me. It suddenly become so easy to recognize his presence. Now that his presence was known to me, others (guides) began to show themselves as well. First there was Rose, an older, silver-haired, gentle woman who wore a periwinkle suit and a pearl necklace. I didn’t realize it, but she had already shown herself to me during a very unusual healing experience a few years prior. Then Slován, a guide who talks consistently of love and opens my eyes to greater understanding. He’s changed my perception of the afterlife significantly. And then there was Chang Aie (pronounced “eye”), my medical / healer guide, who showed up shortly after an ice hockey injury left me with a terribly swollen leg that was so painful it was almost impossible to walk. As I sat with my leg elevated, trying to utilize my own learning of energy healing, Chang Aie appeared and insisted I get out of his way and allow him to work his healing on my leg. I was pretty amazed at the results; back to playing hockey much sooner than the doctor had estimated. 

These are just a few of the members of the collective who committed to assisting me through this lifetime, but my point is, they are here whether we know it or not. And now, I was being reminded to simply allow them to do their work. All I needed to do was ask and get out of the way.

Two days later, as I sat in my daily meditation, I felt the presence of the collective of my guides. The message was suddenly given to me it was time for me to teach. I remember my mind, uninvited, stepping into the conversation, “What? I’m not ready to teach”.  As quickly as that thought could come, another came with such force I knew I had to get out of the way. “You ARE ready to teach, and we will remind you what you are meant to teach.” Using the word “we” instead of “I” has always been my hint it is indeed my guides speaking to me and not my own thoughts trying to fool me.

I always sit in meditation with a notebook on my lap so I can record everything I remember after my sessions. This time, I had the knowing I shouldn’t wait to begin recording. With the guides still sharing their directives, I picked up the notebook and scribbled at the top of the page “Week 1.” My mind tried to scramble its way back in, as if it had the authority to question, “Week one? How could I possibly know enough to teach a class that would be more than one week?”.

I was quickly reminded my mind needed to take a back seat so my guides could do the work. My pen was racing across the paper so quickly I could hardly keep up. Luckily, my laptop was sitting on my desk just a few feet away. I quickly reached over to grab it, hoping it wouldn’t break my connection with my guides and their live-streaming download. They waited for me, and I gratefully continued to scribe the information I was given. (Luckily, I was one of the St. Lawrence County typing champions my junior year of high school – Yes, that actually was a thing in Northern New York – so I was able to keep up much better with a keyboard than with pen and paper.)


Psychic Medium Carol Cottrell, working with spirit guides

Within what felt like minutes (although it was probably closer to more than an hour) a four-week class had been created. I’d like to claim it is MY  “Awaken Your Ability. An Introduction to Mediumship” class, but I really can’t take credit for the creation of it. My guides provided all of the content, laying it out week-by-week. And yes, they did include a week of the class dedicated to who else….guides. They also told me the dates for the first class and the number of students who would participate in the first four-week series. Since that very first class, I still rely on my guides to direct me as to when to offer the class, how many students will participate and what the cost should be.

So it really did work! The simple step of just asking my guides and then opening myself to their presence, was all it took to create a class that has planted a seed for the development of so many students. Not just the development of psychic or mediumistic abilities, but the understanding of the possibilities of where their own guides may lead them. So, my suggestion to you when you’re looking for answers….just ask!

P.S. If you’re interested in learning more about your spirit guides, you may want to participate in the next Awaken Your Ability; An Introduction to Mediumship.  Click the button below to visit my website and see when the class will be offered again.


  1. Hi Carol. I have a very sick son. Just 14 years old. Looking back we realize he’s been developing these chronic health conditions over a long time. Since he was a baby. . We thought he had gotten better. We had treated him years ago. But since he was not retested,, and was freed from treatment based on his symptoms, he continued back down the same path of chronic illness and then relapsed completely a little over a year ago. While he must be improving because his symptoms do seem better, albeit there are significant ups and downs and his lab work shows no improvement at all! I feel strongly that we are missing something. I need help. I need direction. I have been contemplating an energy or intuitive healer but am just not sure. We have been let down so many times by pursuing treatment for years that seems to be making very litt difference that I just really want help into finding out: 1. What are we missing? 2. Are we barking up the right tree with regard to his diagnosis and treatment 3. Is something blocking him or preventing him from healing 4. What is the best direction to go in and how can I and others help him to heal as completely and quickly as possible?

    I know that you mostly connect with souls of loved ones who have passed on. But I saw you mention in your blog about connecting with spirit guides. Do you or have you connected with other peoples spirit guides and helped them to receive guidance on such issues as health issues or medical treatment? Is this something you feel you can do effectively? If not, do you mind recommending someone? We’ve been very patient, praying., faithful, and put all our positive energy, love and our limited resources into finding him answers and healing him. But we really need help. I feel like the clock is ticking as we were all hoping he would be healed before starting high school next year so that he could hopefully play high school sports. Please help.

    • Hi Jennifer. Thanks for reaching out. I am so sorry to hear of the health concerns regarding your son, and can only imagine the frustration of thinking he was better only to realize the problems have resurfaced. While I can connect with guides to get some information, I think you would be much better off talking to a medical intuitive. I personally do not know anyone who specializes in this, but I will reach out to my colleagues to see if any of them have recommendations and will get back to you just as soon as I can. Sending prayers and healing for your son and your family??

    • Thank you, Carol. Since your rates are reasonable, if you think it would be okay, I think it still might be worth having a session with you to see if my spirit guides have anything to tell me regarding Johnny that might be helpful. Maybe a direction to go in…or a person to connect with?

      Please let me know if you think that’s a good idea. And I will certainly appreciate any recommendations from your colleagues. Thank you!


    • Good news! I got a referral for a medical intuitive who comes highly recommended. I’m sending you an email with the name and website for her.

      I would love to help you connect with your guides. My recommendation would be to start with the medical intuitive to get a better understanding of how to help your son; then, if you still have questions for your guides we can definitely do a session. Please be sure to take care of yourself during this stressful time?

  2. Hi Carol. First, you are a beautiful person, inside and out.

    I’m getting depressed. I’ve made so many positive changes( in my once stressful life) over the last 7 years. Lately, as I am learning more about being an empath, I am confused about what’s next. I’m always in pain, but deep down do not believe this is the path the universe has for me. I am ready to learn and try, but have nobody to talk to about this. Can you point me in the right direction

    • Hi Mari. Thank you so much for reaching out. You are right, you were brought into this physical life to experience joy, growth and love! It’s so awesome you’ve chosen to spend the past several years making positive changes in your life. As someone who lived with depression for a long time, I know how hard that is and I commend you for it. One thing I have noticed as I’ve been going through this journey is that when I am going through a difficult time, I am being shown opportunities for healing and growth. I’ve actually learned to become grateful for what those difficult times are trying to teach me about myself. I also understand the feeling of not being understood and not knowing where to start with my abilities. That’s why I created Awaken Your Ability; a 4-week class I offer three times a year. It helps people connect with other like-minded people and introduces students to recognizing and developing their own intuitive, psychic and mediumistic abilities. The next class starts in January. ( I’ll actually be posting the link to the registration site on my website very soon). I’d love to talk to you more to understand exactly what you need so I can point you in the direction that would be most helpful. If you’d like to email me at with the best phone number to contact you, I’ll give you a call and we can talk through it.?

  3. That was a nice story,I honestly want to meet my spiritual guidan.

  4. I love this story, Carol and I am so glad you started teaching. :). Thank you for sharing.

  5. Love the story about how you got to know your guides. Can you recommends any good books on this subject. Like you I have been trying to connect but with know luck. The mind doesn’t want to shut down.

    Thanks Carol


    • That’s a good questions Janice. Unfortunately, I don’t know of any good books to recommend on the subject. Everything I’ve learned from them has been from my own experiences with them. I do teach a segment about connecting with them and working with them in my Awaken Your Ability class, and have also been thinking about offering a workshop focused on spirit guides, so stay tuned for more information about that. In the meantime, if any of my colleagues have recommendations from books they’ve read, I’ll pass it on to you.

  6. Such an inspiring story! I think there personal details of your journey are an important reminder that this path takes persistence and vulnerability.

    • Thanks Kate. The path can be bumpy and curvy, and it’s always hard to see where it’s going, but it’s nice to know we have a team who only want the best for us. If only we could get out of the way – lol.

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